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Adventures in Stockholm

Fotografiska and Fika

Spending time with my host family has become one of the best ways to enjoy my time here in Stockholm. This Sunday my host mom and I decided to have a fun hangout day and go explore some sights in the city. First, we went to the Fotografiska centre (photography center) which is located in the Södermalmdistrict of Stockholm. The center features contemporary photography from a multitude of Swedish and non-Swedish artists. While exploring the museum I found a couple different exhibits that captured my eye due to the colors and frames that were used. As we looked around we saw an exhibit called “Nordic Life”, which showcased photos of a normal Nordic lifestyle with a few twists. The photos captured Nordic families but also showed beautiful photos of Nordic winters and more!

Another exhibit that I found interesting was the “Vogue, The Arab Issue” exhibit. This portion of the centre featured photographs of Arab men and women draped in the most beautiful colors and fabrics. It was also interesting to see frames around the photos because they had beautiful patterns and some even contained canned goods within the frame. I loved that this exhibit placed Arab men and women in positions of power and wealth and highlighted certain high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

After visiting the centre, my host mom and I went for a fika! While living in Stockholm, I quickly realized that “fika” was a way of life and tradition for many Swedish people. Fika is an essential part of Swedish life and offers the chance to come together with friends or coworkers for a coffee and desert break. Fika is a concept, but often times is a state of mind because its more than just gathering for a quick bite. It also involves taking a pause in your day to appreciate the ones around and taking a breather to enjoy someone’s company. You may be wondering, what do you eat during fika? Well, usually you enjoy a baked good and some coffee or tea. Some traditional fika foods include Saffransbuller (saffron bun), Chokladbuller (chocolate ball), and Hallongrottor (sugar cookies with jam in the middle. Many swedes also enjoy cinnamon buns and the traditional Semla which is usually eaten before and on Fat Tuesday. Overall, we had a great day and enjoyed getting to spend time together and understand more about each other. We also enjoyed some time by the water because it was a beautiful day outside!

Until next time,

A forever fika lover

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